Always Fight Back !

by thehumblespartan

Attacks on lone Whites by packs of dark-skins are increasing at an unprecedented level throughout Europe, north America and Oceania . Those interested in this phenomena can find new videos of it daily on youtube, liveleak, and other such sites . In many cases, the victim does something terribly wrong, something that could potentially cost them their lives – they don’t fight back.

Dark-skins, be they blacks, gypsies, pakistanis, arabs, mestizos or some other sub-group are animals. They have animalistic instincts, and when an animal detects a weak prey, it gets even more violent. Fighting back, no matter how many of them there are or how poorly prepared you yourself are(better change that, by the way, and fast) is of utmost importance in order to lessen the risk of injury or even death . Dark-skins, just like animals, always go for the easiest prey, regardless of whether they could take on stronger prey, because that is the basic conservation instinct in all predatory animals.


A pack of hyenas could, conceivably, take down an adult lion, but they never try to do so, because they know some of them will get killed or severely injured, and as such, they will flee when the lion appears, even leaving the carcass they were feeding from.


If you don’t fight back, as hard as you can, it’s only gonna be worse for you . Don’t assume you’re doing yourself a favor by just cowering on the ground in the hope that that’ll make them stop, as the opposite is certain to happen .Image