Where Did the Man-Made Climate Change theory come from ? My Own Thoughts

by thehumblespartan

I grew up more or less uninterested by the whole debacle, but as it gained more traction, I started taking a look. I will admit I became very skeptical very fast, particularly because of the stupidity of the arguments for it . Watching a talk-show about it about 5 years ago on an American news channel (I believe it was CNN International, but I’m not entirely sure), one of the pundits was making a point that, and I quote from memory : “In the last 6 years temperatures have been warmer than average”, and that supposedly was proof that the climate was changing. Now, I never considered myself a genius or anything, but a little light-bulb light up in my head hearing that – Why would that be an argument ? Isn’t that how averages appear in the first place ? That some years it’s warmer, and other years it’s colder, and what you get from combining the data over a long period of time is the average? This “scientist” was making it sound like every year before had the exact same temperature, and that a deviation was somehow abnormal.


After looking more closely into this, I discovered the climate had, in fact, been changing quite often, and quite drastically within short periods of time long before the advent of industrialization .  For example, during Roman times, northern England, which is a pretty cold place today, had a considerable production of grapes, something not possible nowadays, and instances of grape-production have been recorded in both Roman and Medieval times in places where grapes cannot grow today . This, along with other scientific findings, such as tree-ring studies, made me convinced this was all a fake. But who started it in the first place, and why has it gotten so much traction with so many people ? The more I thought about it, the more I figured I should look at who profits from it….


Big Corporations – The Initiators of the Climate Change Movement


I realize many of you will be skeptical, but let’s think this from the perspective of a real ecologist – What is the single biggest ecological problem the world has today ? If you’ve answered “pollution”, then you’re perfectly right. Virtually every one of us is poisoning his body every time he breathes, eats or drinks. Chemicals and heavy metals are present in the air that we breathe, in the water that we drink, in the soil where our fruits and vegetables are grown and where livestock grazes . It is a huge problem, but one very little talked about in the main-stream media, and certainly less debated than whether your refrigerator kills chipmunks, or whether some island in the Pacific that no one can find on a map will be submerged under water. And this has been widely known, as Peter Finch was rambling about it in the 1976 movie Network.


This poisoning has some very serious consequences – people are getting sicker and sicker, and that’s happening at a younger and younger age . Rates of cancer, autism and other diseases are exploding amongst children, but no one ever thinks about linking this to pollution . There are many theories about this – better screening, changed standards of diagnosis, mercury in vaccines,and others that may or may not be true or partially true, and that may contribute to the increase. But when was the last time you heard someone mention pollution, even in a strictly theoretical context ? When was the last time anyone talked about the fumes coming from cars’ exhaust pipes ? When was the last time you heard about the tons of dangerous chemicals dumped in lakes or rivers without even a warning for the people who live there ?


Now, imagine you’re the CEO of a major oil&gas company, or of a car company, who would you rather have as an enemy ? Some senile hippie smoking pot in front of your office building, or the parents of a 10-year old cancer patient ? Which one is more likely to file a class-action law-suit(or even know what that is )? Which one is more likely to write to their representative about it ? Which one is more likely to blow your brains all over the ceiling ? That, I believe, is how this whole hysteria started – massive polluters of our air, water and soil looking for a way to distract attention from the real damage they make.




Later on, as the artificial hysteria grew, many governments saw this as a way to further extort and cut the rights of the populations they rule over. New taxes, new regulations, new corrupt, money-eating institutions, and, of course, LOTS and LOTS of bought “exceptions” and “derogatory laws” for the aforementioned big corporations . Sounds like a win-win to me


The Far Left


After the collapse of the Soviet Union, most of these marxist degenerates  lost their guiding light, as well as their main source of funding. Not being able to quit their systematic destruction of White countries, they just changed their colors to something else, and that something is usually green. You’ll find countless organizations, clubs and political parties who claim to be ecologists, but they hardly ever talk on the subject, with their main aims being allowing more non-White immigration into White countries, “anti-racism” , socialist economic policies, more rights for homosexuals and other freaks, and so forth . And, unfortunately, there are still a lot of stupid people who can’t tell the difference…



As an Excuse for Everything


Remember when Katrina hit New Orleans ? Allow me to give you the short version of what happened there:


-The hurricane was announced, and many people fled the city. The vast majority of the people who packed up and went away were Whites .

-The hurricane hit, and the dams broke and flooded the city.

-Blacks started rioting and looting, as they typically do whenever given the chance, and even started shooting at helicopters that were coming to save them.

-The Bush Administration did a terrible job at everything .


Now, if you were a sane person, there are a few conclusions you got out of the whole debacle – Bush is an idiot, blacks are animals,the levees from the dams weren’t properly maintained, the local authorities did extremely poor preparations. But instead of that, climate change was blamed once again, with people’s TVs and stoves being the scape-goats. with none of the other points(except, perhaps, the one about Bush being an idiot) being analyzed or even mentioned .




Anyway, that’s my take on the climate change thing. I’m not claiming to be 100% accurate, but this just makes sense to me.