Jews Want Muslims in Palestine to Emigrate to the West

by thehumblespartan

In what is an example of typically jewish hypocrisy, the Israeli news site informs us of a poll taken amongst arabs living in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and eastern Jerusalem, that over 70% of them want to emigrate to Western countries, and that this would be a good thing because it would bring “peace” … Obviously, they’re impervious to the risk of losing the diversity that is their greatest strength…      

If ever there was a solution to the problem of peace in the Middle East (or at least in Israel) it’s staring us right in the face.

  And what’s more, it is the duty of Western countries to take them in, because we’ve been all talk so far…    

If 70% of Arabs in the living in the land of Israel want to leave, what better solution is there for peace than to help them land comfortably on their feet in those western countries so concerned about peace in Israel.It’s time America and Europe did their part for peace – enough talk, now it’s time for action. Open those doors up wide.

    How about we open up your skull instead, you filthy kike ?    


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