New York Times publishes a surprisingly evenhanded article about Stormfront

by thehumblespartan

Interesting NY Times article about Stormfront .

Mindweapons in Ragnarok

I think they are realizing that we are on the uptrend, and they are going to have to deal with us in a way other than simply destroying our lives or clapping us in prison. Seth Stephens-Davidowitz realizes that he might meet one of us, and have no idea that we are a WN.

What really chills old Seth is that Stormfronters are disproportionately young, and disproportionately well educated — the exact opposite of the stereotype of angry, uneducated, dying old racists. Also, contact theory is thoroughly debunked. Anti-black SF’ers hail disproportionately from states with higher non-white populations, and anti-Jewish SF’ers hail disproportionately from states with higher Jewish populations. Oy vey!

Liberals usually mistake me for a liberal. I play along with them, while I probe their minds!

The Data of Hate
JULY 12, 2014

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