The Lies of Samaras Do Not Convince The Money Lenders! Greece #1 Bankruptcy Risk!

by thehumblespartan

It appears the economical situation in Greece is getting worst, which can only mean good things for Golden Dawn in the long run .

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Despite the blatantly ridiculous lies about economic recovery and other fairy tales from Samaras, international financial firms like Blackrock are convinced Greece is on the verge of bankruptcy. Of course, we don’t need international money lenders to tell us this, as the Greeks experience it every day with suffocating economic policies that have driven thousands of our compatriots into unemployment, poverty, depression and unfortunately even suicide.
It is significant, however, that a banking organization, the “protectors” of Samaras, such as Blackrock, are exposing him regardless. They are classifying our country as the most likely country to default. He owes his political survival to the banks yet he still is exposed by them.


Based on the three-month (April-May-June) debt risk index (Sovereign Risk Index) of Blackrock, the last quarter favored the developed markets such as Belgium and Britain, which went up in the rankings, while key emerging markets fell, due to…

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