Proposed “Anti-Racism” Bill Does Not Include Denial of the Greek or Armenian Genocides

by thehumblespartan

White suffering doesn’t matter to our kosher overlords …

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In what can only be described as an unbelievable omission, the Greek government is set to vote on a bill that is only “anti-racist” in name,  as it will absolve those who deny or praise the genocide Hellenism has suffered.

 Even more outrageous, the bill gives Jews their own special category, but nothing of such is afforded to Greeks. How is it possible that conservatives and leftists in the Greek parliament who want this bill seek to punish denying the genocide of Jews or Tutsis, yet provide no such clause for the denial of Greek, Assyrian, or Armenian genocides .

Aside from the issues and barriers this draconian bill presents to free expression and objective historical research, this bill is not even handed, and ironically, racist itself, because it seems to focus mainly on issues of Nazis and Jews. So why not be honest and call it the “denial of…

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