Anti-Racist Bill Criminalizes Ideas, Not Actions

by thehumblespartan

Jews attack freedom of speech in Greece .

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One of the most disturbing political developments in Greece, after the illegal detention and conspiracy against elected parliament members, is the new “anti-racist law”. This unconstitutional abomination suspends the guaranteed right of free expression of Greeks, utilizing purposely vague language so that the law can be applied depending on who the current dictatorship in Greece wants to silence.

The omissions and inconsistencies are vast. For example, the arbitrary criminalization of “Holocaust denial” is penalized, yet not a word of the numerous individuals sitting in positions of power over Greeks who insist that there was never a Greek or Armenian genocide.  The law makes clear that directly criticizing immigration is “racist”, but incitement to hatred by Turkish, EU, or Zionist backed interests against Greeks (as has been seen in numerous mainstream media publications around Europe since the start of the Greek crisis) will most likely never be prosecuted either.    


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